Artist Brushes

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Our range of “Densified Wood Handle Brushes” is perhaps one such offering. Not only do these exquisitely shaped brushes boast of superlative performance in paint pickup, delivery and accuracy of contact, but the overall look and feel of these premium brushes, places them on a pedestal far above what is currently available widely – totally befitting its super-premium stature.

Made from wood that has been compressed to almost double its original density and treated with resins to restrict water absorption, these colour-fully striated brushes come in a wide range of patterns and shapes. A glossy enamel coated finish accentuates the vibrancy of design while the carefully weighted balance and shape of the handles - finely tuned for ergonomics - makes painting effortless.

Manufactured in an ISO 14001 controlled environment, using state of art equipment and tooling developed after rigorous R&D, every brush is handcrafted and goes through stringent quality checks to ensure compliance with exacting international standards. The end result - a painting brush that will be your companion for a lifetime.