Professional Densified Wood Handle Range

The fiery bahama cherry densified wood handle and black ferrule combination is an apt ode to the brightness and contrast typical of acrylic paintings. The interlocked synthetic brush hair design, a signature feature of all the brushes in this range are specially fabricated to handle the demands of higher paint pickup and release while maintaining the integrity of the stroke. This series has been an outlier in our portfolio and has won many an accolade for its sterling performance.

Acrylic Colour Brushes

Interlocked Synthetic

Round - Flat - Filbert - Angular

  • Each tuft 100% handmade.
  • Perfect shape & profile with voluminous body.
  • Fabricated to pick more paint and release evenly.

  • Densified Wood Handle

  • Unique colour patterns.
  • Negligible water absorption.
  • Almost double density to natural wood.
  • Long lasting glossy finish.