Professional Densified Wood Handle Range

These earthy coloured densified wood short handle brushes are an ideal multimedia tool suitable for both water and oil paints and carry their unique striped signature look with élan. The Golden sable hair and copper plated ferrule, complement the handles completing the upmarket look of the entire assembly.

Using hand picked fibers, these brushes have a unique belly concept built both in the hair design as well as the handle, albeit for different purposes. The double belly on the handle allows an ergonomic grip when shifting the point of hold along the length while the rotund shape of the brush head leads to exceptional control and colour handling capacity and retention of the much-needed spring back.

Fine Hair Brushes

Interlocked FineHair

Round - Flat

  • Hand picked fibres used.
  • Excellent point.
  • Belly in the brushes allows an exceptional control and fantastic colour holding capacity.
  • Remarkable springback.

  • Densified Wood Handle

  • Unique colour patterns.
  • Negligible water absorption.
  • Almost double density to natural wood.
  • Long lasting glossy finish.