Professional Densified Wood Handle Range

The crown jewel of our collection, this multi faceted brush for Water Colours can handle multiple requirements with aplomb. Using the finest grade of squirrel hair, known for its softness and absorption capabilities, it is an ideal tool for wetting surfaces or for laying down large quantities of paint on a medium. Conversely it can also be used for detail working, making it a potent weapon in your armory.

The gently undulating bell shaped handle is ergonomically designed to hold the brush close or far depending on the nature of the stroke. Available in our unique striated colour pattern of charcoal natural.

Mop Brushes



  • One Mop can do what it may take many other brushes to do.
  • Finest grade (handpicked) squirrel hair used.
  • High paint picking capacity.
  • Fine point for detail working.
  • Perfectly soft for expressive strokes.

  • Densified Wood Handle

  • Unique colour patterns.
  • Negligible water absorption.
  • Almost double density to natural wood.
  • Long lasting glossy finish.