Professional Densified Wood Handle Range

These brushes with their glistening charcoal silver stone densified wood veneer fa├žade will draw you an image of a wild stallion prancing in the woods. Tall. Proud. Statuesque. A joy to behold.

These elegant brushes for oil paints use premium synthetic hair mated with black plated ferrules. Each individual tuft is interlocked and sculpted by hand to ensure excellent spring-back and shape retention on repeated use. Available in Round, Flat, Filbert and Sharp Angular, this is one painting tool that is a keepsake.

Oil Colour Brushes

Interlocked Synthetic

Round - Flat - Filbert - Angular

  • Each tuft 100% handmade.
  • Exceptional spring back of the tuft.
  • Shape retention after each use.

  • Densified Wood Handle

  • Unique colour patterns.
  • Negligible water absorption.
  • Almost double density to natural wood.
  • Long lasting glossy finish.