about us

    Nothing excites an artist more than the ability to translate their imagination onto a medium to be appreciated by connoisseurs and peers alike. It is essential to recreate the entire spectrum of colour and a plethora of shapes conceived in the mind's eye for a work of art to reflect an artist's pure expression.

    At Panart, with our in-depth domain knowledge and vast manufacturing experience in the art supplies industry, we have created and curated a repertoire of premium artistry tools that can help an artist push possibilities in art even further. Lovingly handcrafted and finished to perfection; each product is an amalgamation of aesthetics, functionality, skill, and precision.

    Made in ultra-modern manufacturing set up and conforming to international certifications like ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 9001, our products have set new quality benchmarks. We are confident that you will be delighted by the standards and variety of artistry tools that we offer.


    Our purpose at Panart - to service the global artist community - hinges on three main planks of quality, affordability, and respect for the environment. Our products bear their genesis to the in-depth understanding of an artist’s setting and are specifically tuned to enhance the practice of their art.